Prepare for a unique experience - a fresh pop-up café dedicated solely to our canine friends is arriving in Southend city centre next month! 🐶💫

Introducing... 🥁 The Pup-Up Café! 🥳

🗓️ Save the date for March 17th and make your way to Revolution in the heart of the city for an unforgettable time! 🎈

Spoil your furry friend with endless treats and delightful "puppachinos" while mingling with fellow dog lovers. 🐕🥰

And that's not all - we've partnered with top-notch Southend dog businesses to offer fantastic goodies and treats for your furry companions! 🛍️🐩

Marcus Ackford, the brains behind Pup-Up Café, expresses his excitement: "We're thrilled to bring our paw-some events back to Southend! 🎉

A Pup-Up Café isn't just about treating your furry friends; it's a celebration of the special bond we share with our beloved pets. 🐾💖 Don't miss out on this fantastic experience!" 🐾✨